‘Striking imagery, strange leaps of thought, wit and menace aside, the unmistakeable thrill of Katherine Stansfield’s poetry is in the voice. It addresses the world directly, takes it personally, and comes at the reader from constantly unexpected angles, a tangible, physical thing.’ Philip Gross

‘Tightly-wrought and multi-layered, Katherine Stansfield's poems are a wonderful alchemy, touching on a range of experiences, each one lit with rhythm and wordplay, from the "laminated skin" of the library card to the hymn to bleach.’ Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch

Katherine's debut collection Playing House and her pamphlet All That Was Wood are published by Seren. Buy copies here

Katherine's poetry has been widely published in magazines, including The NorthMagmaPoetry WalesPlanetNew Welsh ReviewThe Lampeter ReviewPoetry CornwallThe Lonely Crowd, The Interpreter's House, The Lighthouse, And Other Poems, Butcher's Dog and Ink Sweat and Tears

Poems have also appeared in the following anthologies: Newspaper Taxis: Poetry After The Beatles (Seren, 2013), and Cheval, the anthology of the Terry Hetherington Prize (2012-2016)

'The woman on my National Library of Wales library card' won the 2014 PENfro poetry competition

'The Suitcases' was shortlisted in the 2015 Bare Fiction poetry competition

'Please don't take away from Morrisons' was commended in The Interpreter's House poetry competition 2016, with judge Jonathan Edwards noting that the poem made him want to hug Katherine (an excellent result, in and of itself)

'Talk of her' was shortlisted in the 2016 Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Competition

A selection of poems are available to view via the links below:

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'Bleach' starred as the weekly poem

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The Salon of the Refused

'Linguist' features in issue 2 of this home for oft-rejected poems, edited by Jacqueline Saphra and Norbert Hirschhorn. If you have a much-loved poem that hasn't received much love from submissions editors, check out the site

The Writer's Hub at Birkbeck

'Brian Blessed in Pwhelli', 'Royal icing', 'My dental hygienist and I listen to Radio 2'

Honno's poem of the month



A video of Katherine and Nicky Arscott performing their collaborative work 'Two-headed Lambs', written for Gelynion: an exploration of contemporary Welsh poetry through the potential of collaboration, part of the international Enemies Project and supported by Poetry Wales. Katherine was one of 40 poets from Wales who wrote and performed a new piece of work for the tour in May 2015. You can find out more about the Enemies Project here

Huffington Post

A video of Katherine reading her poem 'O bees of Rhode Island'